My leather and  copper cuffs are made from upcycled leather belts I've found in my shopping adventures.  Therefore, not more than two or three are made from the same leather.  The end pieces I use for the key chains on the next page.  Custom orders are always welcome.  I can stamp on the copper pretty much anything, but can't promise the same leather.  Contact me for custom orders and I can send you photos of what I have on hand.  You can also send me leather that belongs to someone special in your life and I can make the cuffs and key chain custom for you.

II'm sorry, I have a problem with this website that I cannot seem to figure, if you click the quick view box, a box will pop up with the price.  Click on more details and it takes you to another page.... scroll to the bottom of that page to see the details of that product!  I'm so sorry, hope to get that fixed soon.